"Moving to Inspire change, spread Love, and Enlighten."


Bio & Resumes


Milerka “Mile” Rodriguez is a Dominican-American dancer, movement artist, choreographer, instructor, writer and entrepreneur from Middletown, NY. She began dancing and writing as a hobby at a young age, joining high school and then college dance teams. Her growing passion was undeniable, and although she has always been talented, what makes her really unique is that she did not begin to train and study until she was already an adult! This is very unconventional for a dancer, but through her perseverance she has been able to pursue a professional career. Before long, she joined New Beginnings Dance Company led by Kyra “Ms. J” Johnson shortly after completing a Business degree in January of 2010.  There is where she had her technical training in ballet, modern, African, Afro-Caribbean, and praise dance. The opportunity to teach at New Beginnings opened her up to new experiences, and eventually lead to both Rehearsal Director and Assistant Director positions at the dance school. As a dancer, Milerka continues her training in New York City excelling in street styles like: Hip-hop, Vogue, Waacking, and house, as well as other rhythmic styles such as Afrobeat and Dancehall. She has performed throughout the Westchester and NYC areas, as well as internationally at Riu resorts in Jamaica. Milerka has worked with the likes of Excel Garner, Tavia and Tamara of “Brukwine”, Derek Mitchell, Gigi Torres, Jamal Josef, Charles Smith, and is also a member of Hip Hop Theory The company led by Christina Cruz, and Les Ballet Afrik led by the legendary Omari Mizrahi. As an instructor, she has been teaching dance in studios and public schools to all ages since 2011, and has taught workshops all throughout the east coast. As a choreographer, she produces original works with positive messages, and a purpose driven agenda. She also writes a blog that is dedicated to spreading awareness and inspiring social change  within the dance community. She Moves to Inspire change, spread Love & Enlightenment, and show the world that it’s never too late to realize your dreams!

Dance Resume

Milerka Rodriguez

Eye Color: Brown                         Hair Color: Brown                             Height: 5’4”


    World of Dance NY '13&'14                                             Clock Strikes 12 Crew

     BFYL Nationals (Invite to HHI)                                        Clock Strikes 12 Crew

                  Prelude East Coast (Exhib)                                                EYE Vol 4 NY&NJ / Gigi Torre

                   Prelude NY '16,'17,’18 (Exhib)                                         Hip Hop Theory The Company

        Prelude NY '17 (2nd Place)                                               Heartbreak Crew


R&B Artist Shontell’s Birthday Event                             New Beginnings Dance Company

“Charged” Interactive Hip-Hop                                            Excel Garner

“Unity Clash” at R.I.S.C                                                             Tavia and Tamara / J-Romeo

Flash mob                                                                                          Derek Mitchell

Kat Wildish Showcase at Ailey Citigroup                        Jamal Josef

Carnival NY   '15 & '16                                                                Excel Garner / Charles Smith

Riu Resorts Jamaica                                                                     NBDC / Ms. Jay

Philadelphia Salsafest 2016                                                    HHT  / Christina Cruz

E-moves 19 & 20 HarlemStage                                               Le Ballet Afrik / Omari Mizrahi

Spotlight at 92nd st. Y & Gibney Dance Le Ballet Afrik / Omari Mizrahi


“Go” Devvon Terrell                                                                     HSE Dancers / Devvon Terrell

“I See You Watching!” Concept                                            Christie Neptune, Visual Artist

“Infinite” Concept                                                                         EYE Vol 4 NY&NJ / Gigi Torres

“Quimica Sensual” Jay Martes                                               Paulina Pyplacz / Jay Martes

"Girlfight" Concept                                                                      Marc Royale

"Kadey Main Sochan"                                                              Deep Matta / Kenneth Herrera

 SPECIAL SKILLS: Fluent in English and Spanish; pick up choreography quickly; memorization; dance and walk well in heels; some modeling; basic ballroom; singing; basic piano and saxophone; read basic sheet music; jump rope; basketball; running; cartwheels; stepping; strolling; typing, basic Spanish, British and Russian accents.

Training/Teaching Resume



New Beginnings Performing Arts Studio (Ballet, Modern, Praise dance, African, Afro- Caribbean)

 Broadway Dance Center; Exile Professional Gym; Peridance  Capezio Center (Street Styles: Hip-hop, House, Popping, Waving,  Breaking, Street Jazz, Dancehall, Waacking, Vogueing, Heels, Contemporary, Afrobeat)

 Ral’eau Salsa (Salsa Patterns on 1 and 2, Ladies’ Styling on 1 and 2)

Dance Company-                          

New Beginnings Dance Company (All genres)

                                                          Hurambee (African)

                                                          Hip-Hop Theory The Company (Hip-hop, Charleston, Salsa)

                                                          Le Ballet Afrik (Afrobeat, Vogue, House, Breaking, African)


Establish Your Empire Vol 4 NY/NJ; Gigi Torres (Hip-hop)


Broadway Dance Center -New York, NY 5/2019 - Present 

Substitute - Subbing traditional West African Dance in the absence of the regular teacher

New Beginnings Performing Arts Studio -New Rochelle, NY                                               10/2011 - Present                                          

Teaching Artist - Teach at various residency locations both in school and after school within the Westchester and New York City areas; Assist with pop-up and regular workshops (D.I.P, Afro-Caribbean, Fitness, etc); Teach Hip-hop, Ballet, and Afro-Fusion to all ages at NBPAS

Pizarts- Harlem, NY                                                                                                                                     7/2014 – 01/2016

Dance Instructor- Teach open level Hip-hop to all ages NY & Costa Rica

Aspira of NY- Bronx, NY                                                                                                                           7/2013 – 06/2016

Activity Specialist- Teach Hip-hop and creative movement to children K-12 for after school and summer camp programs.

Wingspan Arts- New York, NY                                                                                                          2011 – 2013

Teaching Artist- Teach Hip-hop and creative movement to children K-12 for both in school and afterschool programs.

SKILLS: Bilingual: English and Spanish; Knowledge of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences of learning; Classroom management; Lesson planning and some curriculum writing