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"It's A Hard Knock Life: Inspired by True Events"

  • Allen Memorial Church 132 Crary Avenue Mount Vernon, NY, 10550 United States (map)

Last year, we chose the "High Way". Now, join us as we take you through some of the hardships we face as Christians striving for a Godly life on a new journey in the same world.

"Mikayla, new to the New Beginnings foster home, seems to have become the latest target for Drea, the eldest (and meanest) of the children who live there. Drea's dark past gives her the fuel for her behavior, but she's no match for the love she is unknowingly surrounded by. As the girls adjust to each other in the home, outside influences such as false friendships, daydreams, drugs, fights, cheating, and more make it all the more challeging...and that's just the first day!

Will Mikayla and Drea find their way, or will they continue to give the foster home owner, Mrs. Witherspoon, a literal run for her money? With the dark forces that are at work behind the scenes, not even the savvy, once compassionate business woman can see what's to come. The one thing that's certain, is that life will become a lot tougher before it gets any better."